Brazilian Government plan to roll back environmental laws angers activists


The Brazilian government has angered environmental activists around the world by attempting to roll back the country’s laws that protect indigenous territories and the environment. The plans could have huge negative implications, including the possibility that the country could fail to meet its commitment to the Paris climate deal.

Deforestation of the Amazon is big concern in Brazil and the two initiatives proposed by the Brazilian government would certainly not help that cause. The timing could not be worse either, coming after the announcement of a 29% jump in Amazon deforestation – the highest level for 8 years.

The bill has been put off for over a decade but is now being pushed by congressman, Mauro Pereira. The bill seeks to overhaul Brazil’s strict environmental licensing laws and give Brazilian states the ability to decide which licences a project should have. A big reason behind the push for the new bill is due to the amount of business Brazil currently loses to neighbouring countries that have faster processes.

Around 250 individuals and businesses have strongly opposed the bill and have signed a letter that condemns the bill and explains how it could lead to more environmental disasters in the future.