Energy Usage

Energy Usage

The energy that’s used in our homes accounts for a big chunk of overall energy consumption. Because of this, an increasing number of people are now looking for ways to make their More »

Building a Green Home

Building a Green Home

If you’re planning on building a new home then you have many things to consider. Things like the number of bedrooms, the size of the house and the materials used to build More »

Benefits of Green Housing

Benefits of Green Housing

Helping the environment and reducing carbon emissions is now an urgent matter. With more people on the planet than ever, it’s essential that everyone does their part. One of the best ways More »

Green Housing Trends

Green Housing Trends

A huge portion of the carbon dioxide emissions in the UK come from housing. Although the government has taken some steps to make the country more environmentally-friendly, many organisations feel they’re still More »


The Benefits of Owning a Green Home

Green homes are homes that have been adapted or built to be environmentally-friendly. Unlike traditional homes, green homes prioritise a minimal use of resources and aim to derive power from natural sources.

Below are some of the biggest benefits of owning a green home –

  • Better for your health – One of the great things about living in a home that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels for power is that it creates a much healthier atmosphere with better quality air to breath. This means green homes are especially good for people who are prone to respiratory problems.
  • Great for the environment – Another obvious benefit of a green home is that it’s great for the environment. The burning of fossil fuels contributes greatly to the destruction of the ozone layer and the energy use in domestic properties is a big part of the problem. Because green homes make use of energy through natural sources, such as the sun, they’re much kinder to the environment.
  • A great sense of well-being – It can seem like we’re constantly bombarded with stories about how much damage human beings are doing to the planet so it gives you a great sense of satisfaction to know that you’re not negatively contributing.

Things to consider when buying a green home

If you’re considering purchasing a green home then below are some of the main things to look out for.

  • Subsidence – Some green homes can suffer from subsidence, especially if they’re nearby large trees and shrubs.  If there is a risk of subsidence then you’ll need to get a subsidence insurance policy from a site such as Subsidence Insure. 
  • Location – The location of a green home is also very important. If you know what area you want to live in then it’s simply a matter of finding the green homes in that area and prioritising what’s most important to you. For example some people might prefer to live in a very natural environment with plenty of wildlife around, while others might want the best of both worlds and prefer there to be many modern amenities nearby.
  • Value – The value of the home is important since it will affect the price you pay for home insurance and also the resale value of the property.  It’s not a bad idea to get the property surveyed by a professional to ascertain its true value.

Brazilian Government plan to roll back environmental laws angers activists

The Brazilian government has angered environmental activists around the world by attempting to roll back the country’s laws that protect indigenous territories and the environment. The plans could have huge negative implications, including the possibility that the country could fail to meet its commitment to the Paris climate deal.

Deforestation of the Amazon is big concern in Brazil and the two initiatives proposed by the Brazilian government would certainly not help that cause. The timing could not be worse either, coming after the announcement of a 29% jump in Amazon deforestation – the highest level for 8 years.

The bill has been put off for over a decade but is now being pushed by congressman, Mauro Pereira. The bill seeks to overhaul Brazil’s strict environmental licensing laws and give Brazilian states the ability to decide which licences a project should have. A big reason behind the push for the new bill is due to the amount of business Brazil currently loses to neighbouring countries that have faster processes.

Around 250 individuals and businesses have strongly opposed the bill and have signed a letter that condemns the bill and explains how it could lead to more environmental disasters in the future.


Hydro scheme at Snowdonia National Park refused due to environmental concerns

The plans for a new £12m energy scheme at Snowdonia National Park have been refused by NRW.

The plan was to use water from the River Conwy for a hydroelectric scheme but this will now not go ahead due to the negative effect it would have on the environment.

RWE Innogy UK are the company who applied for the permit and claimed that its hydro power stations in the area could provide power to more than 3,200 households. However their plans faced major opposition from environmentalists and businesses among others, who feared that the scheme would greatly reduce the amount of water from the waterfall.

The reason the permit was refused was because the company wanted to extract too much water.

Head of operations for NRW, Sian Williams, had the following to say –

“The Conwy is an important natural asset for the area and we’ve conducted a detailed assessment of the proposals before reaching this decision. We support sustainable developments in the right places.
But the evidence we’ve scrutinised shows that the proposal submitted could harm the local environment. As such, we can’t grant it a permit.”