Drug Driving Car Insurance FAQ


Will a drug driving conviction make car insurance more expensive?

In a word yes. Drug driving convictions that are unspent must be declared if you’re asked about them and in this case it will almost certainly make getting car insurance more expensive. The reason for this is that insurance providers consider people who have a conviction to be higher risk and more likely to make a claim.

Do I have to tell insurance providers about my conviction?

Whether or not you need to tell insurance providers about your drug driving conviction will depend on whether your conviction is spent or unspent. Most convictions become spent after a certain amount of time, meaning you no longer have to declare them. Visit the Unlock Criminal Record Disclosure Calculator to find out when your conviction will become spent.

Where can I get quotes?

There are many sites where you can get drug driving insurance quotes online. It’s usually a good idea to get quotes from specialist providers since you’ll be offered a policy at a reasonable price considering your circumstances and the severity of your conviction.

What are the best ways to save money?

Some good ways to save money when you have a drug driving conviction are –

  • Pay upfront – Making a payment to cover a year of your policy when you first take it out might not sound too appealing since you’ll have to make a fairly substantial payment. However the advantage to this is that most insurance providers will knock a good bit off the overall price. This isn’t affordable for everyone but it is a good way to make a saving.
  • Make your vehicle secure – Any steps you can take to make your vehicle more secure, such as installing an alarm and immobiliser, will have to reduce the cost of your cover. Having someone secure to park your car when it’s not in use will help a lot too.
  • Get a third party policy – Third party policies work out cheaper than comprehensive cover since they only cover other motorists’ vehicles if you’re involved in an accident. If you want to keep costs down while getting more protection for your own vehicle then you can get a third party, fire and theft policy.
  • Get a lot of quotes – Getting quotes from a lot of insurance providers is another good way to save money since you’ll be able to easily compare them and pick the best one.