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5 Reasons to Invest in Electric Cars for Your Taxi Firm

The majority of taxi firms still use vehicles that run on non-renewable fuel sources that are bad for the environment. Although there are a greater choice of petrol and diesel cars available and it’s easier to find petrol stations then electric charging points; there are some compelling reasons to start using electric vehicles if you have a taxi firm.

Below are some of the biggest benefits of electric cars and why you should consider them for your taxi firm.

1. Cheaper maintenance

Because electric vehicles have much fewer moving parts, they are much cheaper to maintain. Although electric batteries do eventually need to be replaced, most of them are under warranty for 8 years so when you compare the maintenance costs of an electric car to a standard petrol car, the maintenance costs are tiny.

2. A smoother ride

Another big benefit of electric vehicles is that they provide a much smoother ride for your customers. This might not seem like a big thing but a taxi ride is more about just getting from A to B. If your customers find their experience with your company a pleasant one then they’re much likely to become regular bookers.

3. Cheaper insurance

Because electric vehicles are generally safe and require less maintenance, they are also cheaper to insure. When you have a fleet of electric vehicles, then taxi insurance will cost less compared to insuring petrol/diesel cars.

4. Good PR

One big benefit of using electric cars in your taxi firm that you might not see the immediate benefit from is good PR. Even people who are not actively involved in improving the environment and cutting down emissions realise that it’s a serious issue. If you’re able to show that your company is concerned with helping the environment by reducing pollution then it can be a great USP for your business that helps you stand out from the competition.

5. Popularity

Electric cars are becoming more popular all the time, especially as more and more people realise the benefits. Many people who switch to electric vehicles say they wouldn’t want to go back to using a standard petrol car. This increase in popularity of electric vehicles is something you can take advantage of and use to help your business succeed.


Investing in Green Vehicles for Your Business

If you run a business that relies on the use of cars then there’s a very good chance you currently have vehicles that run on petrol or diesel. Although most business owners don’t relish the thought of replacing their company cars, there are some very good reasons to consider investing in electric vehicles for your business.

The benefits of investing in electric vehicles

Below are some of the most compelling reasons to invest in electric cars for your business.

  • Save money on fuel – One of the most obvious benefits of getting electric cars for your business is that you will save considerably on fuel costs. Not only do you save money on fuel with electric cars but it may also be possible to get a government grant to help with the initial cost of the vehicles as well as funding towards having charging points installed at your business.
  • A better driving experience – Another great benefit of electric vehicles is that they provide a much smoother driving experience. This makes them great for businesses such as taxi firms.
  • Lower the cost of insurance – Investing in electric vehicles is also an excellent way to save money on company fleet insurance. Electric cars are usually cheaper to insurance compared to standard petrol or diesel vehicles and when you have a whole fleet of cars to insure, the savings can be very substantial. If you’re currently looking for company fleet insurance then be sure to check out Cheap Fleet – a website that enables you to get quotes from a panel of company fleet insurance specialists.

The downsides

Although there are benefits to investing in electric vehicles, there are some downsides too. These include –

  • Limited range – The amount of miles you can do on a full charge with an electric car is low compared to what a petrol/diesel car can do on a full tank. However the range of electric cars is increasing all the time so this isn’t likely to be an issue for much longer.
  • Limited choice – Although the number of available electric cars is increasing all the time, it would be a lie to say there is anywhere near the choice of petrol or diesel cars. This might necessarily be an issue depending on the type of business you run and what your needs are.


Running a Green Motor Trade Business

If you run a motor trade business then it’s important to think about how you can make your business more environmentally friendly. Making your business green is not only important for ethical reasons but the government is now very keen for UK businesses to take any steps possible to reduce carbon emissions.

Running a business in the motor trade comes with plenty of challenges as it is so you might be worried about adding the strain of making your business more environmentally friendly on top of that. However making your business more green doesn’t have to be difficult. There are some very simple things you can do to cut down your emissions. These include –

Use eco-friendly fuel

Image result for biodiesel

Fuel is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to greenhouse gases. Therefore one of the biggest steps you can take to make your business more environmentally friendly is by using eco-friendly fuel such as bio-diesel. Of course this isn’t possible for every motor trade business since it’s not always down to you what fuel goes into the vehicles you work with. However if you run a business where you are responsible for what fuel is used then this is an excellent way to make it more green.

Invest in hybrid and electric vehicles

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Investing in hybrid and electric cars is an excellent way to make your business more environmentally friendly. Electric vehicles are much much better for the environment and most people find them to be very enjoyable to drive, thanks to the smooth handling and quiet driving experience.

Another big benefit of electric cars is that they’re often cheaper to insure, which will help to reduce the cost of your motor trade insurance. If you need to renew your motor trade insurance policy then be sure to check out to get quotes from specialist providers quickly and easily.

Reduce power consumption at your office

Getting away from vehicles that you deal with in your business – reducing power consumption in your office is another excellent way to make your business more green. Just small things such as turning lights off when a room isn’t being used can make a big difference. Another thing that’s very easy to do (but also very easy not to do) is to set any computers than aren’t being used to sleep after a few minutes.